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Console Styles
Years of experience have allowed us to develop several console styles, each suited to a particular type of organist and playing situation.
Interior C is typically used on the Keydesk console. It features drawknobs on the tablet board and a transparent or wooden music rack. Interior D can be used with the keydesk design for stop keys. Available with 2 manuals and limited stops. Interior C
Interiors D and E offer stopkey controls and a locking roll-top . Available only with 2 manuals and limited stops. They offer transparent (D) or wooden (E) hinged music racks. Interiors D and E

Interiors H and I All stops and couplers for these interiors are located over the top manual, and controlled by tilting tablets. The consoles have a locking roll-top cover and are available with 2 manuals and limited stops. The offer transparent (H) or wooden (I) hinged music racks.

Interiors H and I
Interiors J and K These interiors have drawknob controls on 45 degree side jambs and tilting tablet couplers in the center. They also provide a locking roll-top cover. Their hinged music tracks are transparent (J) or wooden (K). Available in 2 or more manuals. Interiors J and K

Interior L features a lighted, built-in music rack. All stops and couplers are controlled by drawknobs on 45 degree side jambs. The console has a locking roll-top cover, and is available with 2 or 3 manuals only.

Interior L
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Recent Installations & Rebuilds:
6434 First United Methodist Church, Hampton, Virginia
6430 St. Cecilia's Convent, Nashville, Tennesee
6428 First Methodist Church, Waxahachie, Texas
6427 Holy Child Parish, Bridgeville, PA
6426 Church of St. Gabriel, Cincinnati, Ohio