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The Wicks Organ Company has been building pipe organs for over 100 years, and it is still the basis of our business. The foundation of our company is built on pipe-only instruments. We have experience building pipe organs from a single rank continuo to large church and concert hall organs. Creating beautiful pipe organs is our most challenging job, and accomplishing this job requires several aspects we can quickly and easily provide:

Tonal Design

Every pipe organ begins as a concept of sound and function. Wicks approaches each organ only after ascertaining the respective requirements of the desired instrument, such as room size and acoustic properties, placement of the organ, the main function of the organ, and style of worship or performance the organ will uphold. This information plays into the size, the specification, the scaling, and the tonal design of the proposed organ. Once that proposal is agreed upon, further detail is added to the concept, adding specific information for every pipe in the organ, including placement, pipe materials, wall thickness, mouth cut-up, and relative volume. The tonal design of our instruments closely follows our Tonal Philosophy.

Pipe Construction

The best laid plans for a pipe organ are useless without the craftsmen to bring the instrument to fruition. Once the design of the instrument is complete, it falls into the hands of our pipemakers who cut, assemble, adjust, and perfect every pipe of every rank right here in our own shop. The metal for our tin and lead pipes is cast in our foundry. Being able to complete this process on our own and not relying on outside suppliers allows us to control quality, price, delivery time, and even to correct any problems quickly and inexpensively.

Keep Going
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Current Projects Updated
Recent Installations & Rebuilds:
FBC Simpsonville, South Carolina
6442 Cathedral of St. Helena, Helena, Montana
4400 Bethel Lutheran Church, Rochester, Minnesota
6435 First Presbyterian Church, Pitman, New Jersey
6434 First United Methodist Church, Hampton, Virginia
6430 St. Cecilia's Convent, Nashville, Tennesee

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