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The CM-100 allows for the simple addition of digital voices controlled by your organ’s drawknobs or stop tabs, or through the controls on the front of the device itself. With up to 6 outputs, the CM-100 allows for any type of spatial representation of each individual rank. Separate stops may be assigned to specific channels allowing for divided chamber and antiphonal effects. Developed in Italy for Wicks, this box contains more than 170 stops standard, with 78 designed specifically by Wicks based on actual samples of Wicks pipework. Using Accupipe Physical Modeling, these synthesized sounds may be modified using the same variables real pipe voicers use, such as scale, pipe length, cut-up, etc. This revolutionary approach to digital pipe synthesis makes it easy for us to create accurate audio duplications of specific pipe ranks. These sound modules are also designed to interface perfectly with our Royal Classic line of organs, but will function with any make of instrument.

CM-100 Dimensions - 10" X 6.75" X 15.5"

Complete list of Wicks stops available in the CM-100

Any of these stops may be called on at any time and assigned to one of the 12 stop controls on the front of the CM-100. Wicks has put together 4 pre-designed packages of our most popular combinations of stops. Any number of CM-100 packages may be used together as needed:

32 and 16 foot package
Reeds package
Celeste package
Antiphonal package

These packages can be modified as needed. It is possible to use any combination of the 170+ available stops, creating an endless variety of additional pipe sounds for your organ. The CM-100 is connected to an existing organ or keyboard via MIDI. If your organ is not equipped with MIDI, Wicks offers a simple interface to provide the connection. The CM-100 may be placed on top of the organ console and controlled by stoptabs on the front interface, or may be placed elsewhere and controlled by the organ's stoptabs or drawknobs. The CM-100 also quickly shifts between 8 built-in temperaments: Equal, Meantone, Chamumont, Werkmeister, Kirnberger, Pythagorean, Vaoltti, and Kellner. The cases are available in light, medium, and dark oak.

For pricing or a demonstration of the CM-100, please contact us.

For answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding the CM-100 please click here.

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