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Design Department
An organ is designed after a member of the design department has been to the site to take measurements and photographs to create an instrument that will fit and match it's surroundings. A visual representation of every instrument is created so the customer can see exactly what the organ will look like in its final setting. Color drawings and three dimensional renderings are a few of the tools our designers use. The console layout of the pistons and toe studs and stoptabs or drawknobs is created and specifically for your organ. All of this is presented and reviewed with the customer for accuracy prior to construction of the organ.


Recent News:
Jul 21
St. Michaels Receives New Organ
Jul 13
Shrine Receives New Organ
May 11
Opus 6466 installation complete
May 11
Grand Court Organist plays St. James Wicks
Oct 31
St. James Cathedral
Recent Installations & Rebuilds:
FBC Simpsonville, South Carolina
6442 Cathedral of St. Helena, Helena, Montana
4400 Bethel Lutheran Church, Rochester, Minnesota
6435 First Presbyterian Church, Pitman, New Jersey
6434 First United Methodist Church, Hampton, Virginia
6430 St. Cecilia's Convent, Nashville, Tennesee

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