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Pipe Additions

Pipe facade
An example of a speaking pipe display added to an all-digital organ

We can easily add one or multiple ranks of pipes to your organ to add extra sounds, or to complete stops that were previously borrowed. Using Wicks' DIRECT-ELECTRIC® action Wicks chests can be created to fit your existing organ without crowding or moving existing pipes. Pipes can be added into your existing configuration, but coupled with Solid-State additions or console enhancement, the whole process can give your existing organ an entirely new feel and sound.
We build all our pipes in our own pipe shop, and can create anything, including full length 32's, polished pipes, and flamed copper pipes. We cast the pipe metal by hand, and age the metal to ensure quality and flawlessness in our pipes. casting metal
Recent News:
Aug 25
St. Vincent de Paul Concert
Aug 3
Wicks Opus 2735 Restoration Completed
Aug 3
Used Parts
Jun 17
Opus 5668, 4377 Complete Installation
May 26
Current Projects Updated
Recent Installations & Rebuilds:
FBC Simpsonville, South Carolina
6442 Cathedral of St. Helena, Helena, Montana
4400 Bethel Lutheran Church, Rochester, Minnesota
6435 First Presbyterian Church, Pitman, New Jersey
6434 First United Methodist Church, Hampton, Virginia
6430 St. Cecilia's Convent, Nashville, Tennesee

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