Wicks Opus 3954 Faye Wheeler Residence. Lockport, IL.

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Built in 1959 for Oral Roberts Institute in Tulsa, OK and installed in the Abundant Life Building auditorium, Opus 3954 was the second “New” theatre style organ to be built by Wicks since the 1920s.  Following popular style trends of the day, the console was designed and built leaning heavily on “The Forward Look” popularized by Virgil Exner and his designs for the Chrysler Corporation.  The instruments 16 ranks of pipes were chosen to blend both current tonal trends, and accepted theatrical voices together into one cohesive instrument capable of playing a wider variety of music by the standards of the day.

By 1967, “Styles and Trends” had changed and the organ was offered for sale by the Oral Roberts organization.  The organ was purchased by Faye Wheeler of Lockport, IL in 1968, and David Junchen was hired to engineer its installation into the Wheeler residence.  This instrument was recorded by Bill Johnson of “Concert Recording” featuring a much beloved personality in the theatre organ scene, Mr. Kay Mcabee on the album “The Fun Sounds of Kay Mcabee” in 1970.

The instrument has remained installed in the Wheeler residence, and is now available for sale from Mrs. Wheeler’s Estate.  Please contact us for further information.