Time Sensitive – Opus 4342 – 3/28 (1964) – Building Demolition Imminent.

Price: Contact for More Information

Shipped on January 11, 1964, this 3 manual 28 rank instrument is looking for a new home at the 11th hour.  Its current home has been sold and is slated for demolition in the coming months (August-September 2023). This instrument is located in the former Seventh Church of Christ Scientist,  in the desirable Country Club Plaza district of Kansas City, MO.

This instrument was birthed at the dawn of the “Neo-Baroque” movement in Highland, IL  and as noted in the PDF Specification – “The voicing of the entire organ, except strings, shall be of the latest style with “Chiff” in the sound”.  This could be good or bad depending on how you look at it!  This instrument would be a ripe blank slate for voicing into an instrument that suites your ear and taste.

The instrument, according to the present owner is in original and good operating condition.  Wicks DIRECT-ELECTRIC Chest Actions are virtually trouble free and have proven longevity. A drop of clock oil on the hinge is all they need (every 30-40 years).  At most this instrument could require a new control system, and electrical upgrades.

Any interested parties would be responsible for removal (and any potential costs associated).  The present owners have not stipulated an asking price for the instrument, and are open to negotiations. The desire is to try and find it a new home before it goes down with the building.

Contact us if you or your organization would be interested in this instrument, and we can coordinate with the owners.