Wicks Custom Pipe Organ – Opus 3140 – 4/45 – 1951

Price: Contact for details

Sparing no expense was the exception and not the rule for many customers contracting for a new pipe organ from Wicks. Many having been attracted by our willingness to build on a price point in order to satisfy their musical needs.  However, dotted throughout our history have been instruments which one can deem to be “Special”. Where money took a back seat in allowing a truly special instrument to be crafted. This instrument is indeed one of those.

Built and installed in 1951, this 4-manual 45-Rank instrument was indeed a rare bird. Tonally designed by Wicks Tonal Director Jacob Schaefer, it enjoys a complete departure from the stock and ubiquitous general service instruments we had become known for.  From the glorious solo reeds, luscious strings, variety of flute tone, diapason chorus, battery of 16’ reeds and flues, to the purr of a real 32’ Bourdon. This instrument is truly special.

The music program in its current home changed, and this instrument has been lying dormant for over a decade. Upon our recent visit to evaluate the instrument, we were able to coax it back to life after such a long slumber and enjoy its remarkable sound (with tuning intact). It certainly did not disappoint!

The instrument is installed in a sealed off area, away from temptation of curiosity seekers. The pipework is in excellent condition, as are the chests with Wicks DIRECT-ELECTRIC action. The instrument however, will require a complete rebuild including rewiring, new relay system and console refurbishment or replacement.  Since built, the only money spent on the instrument was to move it to its new location by the original owners in 1961. The original combination action pistons being its only Achilles heel (the plastic heads have decomposed and bind in the slips rendering them unusable). Truly a safeguarded diamond in the rough.

We have contracted with its original owners to find it a new home where it can once again sing forth and enjoy a new lease on life. Parties with serious interest in this instrument are invited to contact us to make arrangements for access or for more information.