Wicks Opus 3908, Residence, Byron, IL.

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Built in 1958 as a “Home & Garden Show” instrument and the first “New” theatre style organ built by Wicks since the 1920s, Opus 3908 remained a traveling “convention” instrument until 1964 when it was purchased and installed in the cocktail lounge of Martinetti’s Restaurant in Crystal Lake, IL.

The instrument entertained patrons for 14 years before new owners deemed the instrument not to fit within their operations and request that it be disposed of. The organ found a savior in the hands of James Chaloupka, who rescued and installed it in his Gurnee, IL home.  The instrument remained here for 31 years until it was offered for sale and purchased by a resident of Byron, IL in 2009.

This instrument is again available to travel and looking for a new place to call home.  Please contact us for more information.