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Archival Wicks Organ Company Videos

The Pipes of Highland

This dramatic video was produced by the Wicks Organ Company in the late 1960’s. The video places a spotlight on the company at that time and the truly showcased the craftsmanship, capabilities and beauty of multiple Wicks organs: from case designs to woodworking artistry to the superior tonal quality of the organs that were custom produced for the space and location which they would ultimately be placed. This video provides a glimpse back in time, yet it reinforces the strong foundation and dedication which Scott Wick, the third-generation owner, continues today.


The Pipes of Highland


Wicks Organ Company - The Pipes of Highland Screenshot

Capturing The Wind

This video is comprised of promotional materials and film strips that were developed and made available for salesmen to use when promoting the craftsmanship and expertise of the Wicks Organ Company. Produced in the late 1950’s, this wonderful footage showcases the craftsmanship, artistry, beauty and variety of organs produced by the company in the mid-20th Century. The dedication of the building and servicing of these wonderful organs continues today with Scott Wick, the third-generation owner, and the entire team of Wicks Organ employees.


Capturing the Wind


Wicks Organ Company - Capturing the Wild Screenshot


Special thanks to Brent Johnson and the Organ Media Foundation for sharing these videos and making them available on their YouTube Channel.

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