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Recent Projects

Recent Projects

1/7 Jackson Pipe Organ (1891) – Zion United Methodist – Gordonville, Missouri

Located in the rolling hills of Southern Missouri, just outside the small town of Gordonville resides a historic instrument at Zion United Methodist Church crafted by a long forgotten local builder.  Its installation was documented by scratching a note into the side of the Swell Box which proclaims, “This organ was put in July 12,…

Opus 557 – Basilica of Saint Louis, King of France (Old Cathedral) – St. Louis, MO

Refurbishment of 8′ Hooded Tuba Releathering tuning stoppers on Pedal and Manual Flutes Installing Tracker Touch on existing Manual Keyboards Adjusting and Lubricating Wicks DIRECT-ELECTRIC Actions and recorking Schwimmers

Wicks Opus 4400 – Bethel Lutheran – Rochester, MN

Originally built for the Wicks studio, Opus 4400, a 3 manual 59 rank instrument built in 1964, was sold, reconfigured and installed at Bethel Lutheran Church, Rochester, MN in 2009. Recently, Bethel Lutheran has contracted with us to build a New 10 rank Antiphonal organ, and brand new 5 manual draw-knob console for this instrument.…

Opus 4410 – Hope Lutheran – Highland, Illinois

Replacement of existing control system with a new system by Walker Technical Company. Completed September 2023.

In Progress – Opus 1 – L.J. Wick & Bro. – 1906

116 years after playing its first note, the very first  of 3 instruments built by L.J. Wick & Bro. (formed by Louis Wick. John Wick, and local businessman Louis Spengel) in 1906 (later officially  becoming Wicks Organ Company in 1908), Opus 1 is going into the shop for the second time for restoration. Opus 1,…

Opus 2575 – Lutheran Senior Services – New Adjustable Bench

Following completion of the main organ project in April 2023, it was determined that an adjustable bench would be in order to assist current and future organists in finding a comfortable playing position. Delivered May 18th, 2023.

Wicks Opus 1500 – St. Patrick’s R.C. Church Chapel

Birthed in 1936 for St. Henry’s College in Belleville, Illinois (for a whopping $1,165.00), this Wicks Fuga-Deluxe (self contained 2/3 with 16′ Bourdon Extension) eventually migrated south the Cairo, IL and was installed in the basement chapel of St. Patrick’s R.C. Church (date unknown). While living its best life, and being used extensively in the…

Opus 609 – St. Joseph Catholic Church – Springfield, Missouri

Built and installed in 1925, Opus 609 has survived relatively intact over the past 98 years. It wasn’t until 1978 that the then 53 year old instrument received its first bit of major refurbishment. As part of that work, the original organ was kept intact, and augmented with treble extensions for the Diapason (2′ Octave),…

In Process – Opus 2179 – Chapel of the Risen Christ, Resurrection Cemetery – St. Louis, Missouri

Originally built in 1941 for Sts. Mary and Joseph Church in South St. Louis, Opus 2179 has begun its journey to serve the Archdiocese of St Louis in a different way than it had been accustomed to the last 82 years, as the chapel organ in the to be newly constructed Chapel of the Risen…

Opus 5811 – Trinity Lutheran – Centralia, Illinois

Built in 1980, Opus 5811 (2/26) enjoyed over 40 years of faithful service to the congregation at Trinity Lutheran Church in Centralia, IL. As part of this project, the following work will be completed: Refurbish existing console case, repair veneer, minor blemishes and refinish. Refurbish existing Manual Keyboards and install New Keying Contacts New key…

Opus 2575 – Lutheran Senior Services – St. Louis, Missouri

Wicks Opus 2575 is 2 manual 14 rank instrument constructed in 1944 containing several ranks from an existing instrument (possibly a Pfeffer) for the sisters at the St. Joseph Convent of Mercy in Webster Groves, Missouri. In 1970, the convent was acquired by what is now Lutheran Senior Services, and dedicated as Laclede Groves, a…

Aeolian Skinner Opus 1083 Console Refurbishment

Following our Phase I project, to get the instrument playable again after some unfortunate past repair work, the decision was made to address the console. The console itself, was experiencing playability issues, just due to its age and continued use. After much consideration and consideration of options, the church decided they wanted to liberate the…

8′ Fagot – Opus 4671 – Christ The King – Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

Beginning its journey in Louisiana in 1967, Opus 4671 was whisked off a private residence in Florida before finding its way up north to Christ The King in Sturgeon Bay, WI. At some point in its travels, a Krummhorn supplanted the original Fagot, which was packed away onsite. Thoughts changed, and it was decided to…

OPUS 6027 Christ the Savior Lutheran Church in Aurora, CO

Conceived as a series instrument (Classic III), Opus 6027 was built in 1985 for Ascension Lutheran Church in Del City, OK.  It served there for 36 years, being removed and brought back to Highland, IL in 2021 in search of a new home.   Shortly after its arrival, a new home was found at Christ…

Completed Project

Zion United Church of Christ, New Baden, IL

Opus 3011, originally built for a church in Degraff, OH in 1950; has called Zion United Church of Christ in New Baden, IL “home” since its installation in their new worship center since 2015. Pastor Marguerite “Gretchen” Sterrett traveled to Akron, OH to consider the instrument for inclusion in Zions new sanctuary.  She gained somewhat…

Completed Installation

Opus 5443 Our Lords Lutheran Maryville, IL

On April 25, 1969 Rev. Charles Miller signed the contract for Wicks Opus 5069, a 1 manual 1 rank instrument, to serve the new fledgling congregation of Our Lords Lutheran in their first worship space in Collinsville, IL. Upon completion of the present building, the instrument was moved and continued to serve the congregation. After…

Æolian Skinner Opus 1083

Æolian-Skinner Opus 1083

Phase one completed. Following initial evaluation of the instrument, Phase one of this project involved a complete releathering of the Console, Great, Swell, Positive and Choir relay pneumatic’s in order to get the instrument into a playable state in which to further evaluate its preservation needs following an unfortunate attempt at rebuilding by a previous…

Blue Mound Finished

Blue Mound United Methodist Church

Refurbishment of Möller Opus 4078, 1924. Refurbish console with new manuals, stop keys/actions and stop rail, restore and refinish console case, reproduction music rack,  install complete new control system for entire instrument. Rewire of all Möller chests and necessary replacement of pitmans/retainers etc. for continued reliable operation. Replacement of rectifier and Kinetic blower coupling. Stripping,…

Wicks Wurlitzer Opus 950

Wurlitzer Opus 950

Wurlitzer Opus 950 has called First Christian Church in Fairfield, IL home and happily accompanied its congregation since it was installed in 1924.  It remained intact until the 1970s, when a St. Louis based organ builder made tonal revisions, additions, and alterations which included banishing the original Vox Humana from the premises, reconfiguration of the…

Wicks Factory February 2017

We Have Moved To A New Location!

107 years after taking up residence in what would be our second home, we have picked up and started fresh in new offices and shop space. But we have not gone too far, just across the street to 416 Pine in Highland, IL. Following the organization of the company in 1906, the Wick Brothers set…

Kyle and Cory installing 6478

Opus 6478 (2015) Nazareth Living Center, St. Louis, MO

Looking from 1100 5th Street, towards new offices and shop at 416 Pine.

Wicks Organs Survives Downturn – Article in the St. Louis Post Dispatch

A few years ago, Wicks made the decision to temporarily halt all organ production and only supply maintenance, repairs and parts to existing organs. We have recently made the change back to organ production and are back in business. Tim Bryant of the St. Louis Post Dispatch came to our office during a tour to…

Special Services

You have needs, we may be able to help. Here at Wicks, we have retained a variety of the special skills an organ builder needs to survive, many learned and passed down through our 109 year history. We have the shop, we have the equipment, we have the talent. Not all in this business are as fortunate and depend on outside sources to assist them. With the business landscape changing as it has, it's beneficial to support each other, develop new friendships and encourage growth in an industry being outpaced by inferior choices in sacred music.


We have made many friends the past few years, and look forward to making more. Contact us and tell us what your needs are and how we can help. You may be surprised.

Replacement Parts

The longevity of a Wicks custom-built pipe organ spans our entire history. From the tracker action Opus 1, our Tubular and Electro-Pneumatic action instruments, and our DIRECT-ELECTRIC® action instruments from 1914 to the present day. Sometimes things can go wrong and you need specific parts and pieces to keep your instrument going.


We have a limited selection of heritage repair parts available to owners of instruments of advanced experience. If you’re having trouble with your Wicks organ and are in need of something special, please get in touch with us and see what we may be able to do for you in the line of NOS or previously enjoyed equipment.