Built and installed in 1925, Opus 609 has survived relatively intact over the past 98 years. It wasn’t until 1978 that the then 53 year old instrument received its first bit of major refurbishment. As part of that work, the original organ was kept intact, and augmented with treble extensions for the Diapason (2′ Octave), Stopped Flute (2-2/3 and 2′) and the addition of a previously enjoyed III Mixture in the Great. The entire relay system was replaced and a new 2 manual stop key console with expanded unification installed.

45 years since that work was completed, we’re back again. With a desire to expand the tonal pallet beyond the original 12 ranks (excluding the III Mixture from 1978), and space inside the original casework not conducive to accommodating additional pipework,  digital enhancements were selected as the means to keep the integrity of the original instrument intact, and provide the expanded tonal flexibility sought after.

The Project will include the following:

  • Complete renovation of existing console to include: New keying contacts, LED Lighting, Expanded Combination Action,  Walker Expression Shoes, a New Tablet Board and Syndyne SAM’s to accommodate expanded stop-list.  Repair of veneer and refinishing of console case.
  • Walker Paradox POET Digital Voice System, with custom audio.
  • Custom Walker solid state pipe relay system.
  • Repair of damage to speaking façade pipes, stripping 1925 gold paint off and respraying new gold finish.
  • Tallowing of all wood pipe stoppers
  • Releathering Swell Division regulator.

Completed August 2023