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Organs for Sale

Organs for Sale

Wicks Opus 5315T (Tracker) – 2 Manuals 23 Ranks – 1973

Price: Please Contact Seller

Originally built in 1973 for Alexander City State Jr. College (now Central Alabama Community College), this 2 manual 23 rank tracker action pipe organ is currently available and for sale. This instrument is still installed, its current condition is unknown.  Photos provided by CACC. For more information, please contact Gina Wall directly.  Gina Wall –…

Wicks Allegro III – Opus 6336 – 2 Manuals 3 Ranks – Walker Digital

Price: Please inquire for more information.

Wicks Opus 6336, built as a company demonstration instrument in 2001.  This instrument was later sold in 2010 to a church in Winter Park, Florida and is currently available to a welcoming home*. This instrument includes a Walker PD3 Digital voice system and Musicom relay.   Please inquire for more information. *This instrument is owned by…

Wicks “Classic 6” – Opus 5316

Price: Contact for details

Built in 1973 for the private music studio of Sarah Scott, a composer and instructor of music and math at Central Alabama Community College, this Classic 6 has found its way back home to Highland in search of new musical adventures. The instrument is almost entirely self-contained, with the exception of the relay cabinet which…

Wicks Custom Pipe Organ – Opus 3140 – 4/45 – 1951

Price: Contact for details

Sparing no expense was the exception and not the rule for many customers contracting for a new pipe organ from Wicks. Many having been attracted by our willingness to build on a price point in order to satisfy their musical needs.  However, dotted throughout our history have been instruments which one can deem to be…

Pipes and Chest

Price: Please Inquire

Now available! Pristine pipes and chest to enhance your existing organ.  Resources include 8′ Rohrgedeckt – 85 pipes; 8′ Principal – 85 Pipes; 8′ Geigan Principal (TC) – 73 Pipes.  Specification provided for possible design to include console with pipes, chest and digital.

SOLD – OPUS 6389

Price: SOLD

SOLD – This instrument will be making its way to a new home in the later part of 2025.  Check the “Recent Projects” page in the future to follow its journey.

Opus 6440

Opus 6440

Price: Please Inquire

Originally built for Salt & Light Church in Seoul, South Korea in 2008, this instrument never made the journey and has been tucked away in storage at our facility.

Wicks Opus 2670 - 4

Wicks Opus 2670. 2/4

Price: Please Inquire

Originally built in 1945 for St. Josephs Catholic Church in Carlinville, IL  utilizing quarter sawn oak case and pipework from the church’s existing instrument (unknown builder, possibly Hinners) with new attached console.

Wicks Opus 2910A

Wicks Opus 2910A

Price: Please Inquire

Originally built in 1948 as a 3/8, Opus 2910A was rebuilt in 1985 and expanded to 18 ranks. This instrument is now available for sale directly from the church. Please inquire for contact information.

Wicks Opus 4732 - 5

Opus 4732 2/20 Built in 1967

Price: Inquire

2 manuals 20 ranks, organ was removed and moved to new church building and stored there in 2002. Its still in storage and needs to find a new home to sing in.

Special Services

You have needs, we may be able to help. Here at Wicks, we have retained a variety of the special skills an organ builder needs to survive, many learned and passed down through our 109 year history. We have the shop, we have the equipment, we have the talent. Not all in this business are as fortunate and depend on outside sources to assist them. With the business landscape changing as it has, it's beneficial to support each other, develop new friendships and encourage growth in an industry being outpaced by inferior choices in sacred music.


We have made many friends the past few years, and look forward to making more. Contact us and tell us what your needs are and how we can help. You may be surprised.

Replacement Parts

The longevity of a Wicks custom-built pipe organ spans our entire history. From the tracker action Opus 1, our Tubular and Electro-Pneumatic action instruments, and our DIRECT-ELECTRIC® action instruments from 1914 to the present day. Sometimes things can go wrong and you need specific parts and pieces to keep your instrument going.


We have a limited selection of heritage repair parts available to owners of instruments of advanced experience. If you’re having trouble with your Wicks organ and are in need of something special, please get in touch with us and see what we may be able to do for you in the line of NOS or previously enjoyed equipment.