Solid State components can add functionality and extra life to your organ. Solid State components solve the problems caused by older mechanical and pneumatic components such as dirty contacts, noisy action, leaking or blown pneumatics, slow action, and heavy, bulky components.

Adding a solid state relay to your organ can extend its life, reduce bulky wiring, remove noisy mechanical parts, and prevent the occurrence of dead notes and stops due to dirty contacts and faulty parts.

Rebuilding your console with Solid State parts can extend its life, and increase the functionality of your console greatly. Some available options are intra-manual couplers, a transposer, added combination pistons, multiple memory levels for your combination action, moving drawknobs and stopkeys, MIDI interface and MIDI sequencer control, a piston sequencer, combination locks and power locks.

Wicks Opto-Key System

In addition, Wicks consoles feature the Opto-Key system. This allows for instantaneous and silent key contacting, without the worry of broken or dirty contacts.

A Solid State console and relay replacement can allow us to reconfigure your organ with its existing pipes, allowing stops to be easily borrowed to different manuals, making the instrument more comfortable to play.

All Wicks Solid State components are completely modular, so should any damage occur, the affected parts can be easily removed and replaced.

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