Wicks Organ Company Service Teams have established a reputation for reliability over the last 80 years and we are continually working to improve that reputation with each of our customers. Factory trained service teams stand ready to give your instrument service

We offer:

Regularly Scheduled Tunings:

Regular tunings keep your organ in top playing condition. Regular visits insure your organ is always kept in tune to match the change in seasons, and any problems are caught immediately and repaired. Regular visits also give our technicians the chance to foresee any large problems before they occur. For the best maintenance of your organ, we recommend a semi-annual tuning schedule to match the change in seasons, such as in May or June, when the air conditioning first comes on, and in November or December, when the heat first becomes necessary. Alternately, a Christmas season/Easter season schedule is often preferred. We will schedule our regular visits to fit your programming needs. If you notify us ahead of time, we will make every effort to accommodate your request, although we can suggest schedule options that will minimize your costs by grouping customers in one area.

Our services include:

A complete tuning: The entire organ is tuned to its current pitch. Every pipe is adjusted, if necessary. Drastic changes in pitch, such as matching A=440 would incur an extra charge. When tuning, the church must be as close to normal temperature as possible, that is, the temperature the church would be for a usual service at that time of year. The room must also be silent while the tuners are present.

A touch-up tuning: Touch up tunings are preferred in mid-season. Reeds are tuned, and any out-of-tune flue pipes are adjusted.

Systems Check: All mechanical systems are checked on every visit. The organ blower motors are oiled or greased as necessary.

Leave Card: Our technicians will leave a card for listing all work done during the visit. The card is provided for you to note any mechanical or tuning problems you might encounter between visits, and aids our technicians in locating and solving problems.

Emergency Service: If a problem occurs that prevents your immediate use of the organ, we can send a crew ASAP. This is not included in an annual contract, and is billed by time, labor, miles from Highland, and expenses.

Our service technicians can also give you information on solid-state upgrades to the electrical system of your organ, along with information on digital augmentation and other new advances in pipe organ technology.

Billing is based on the average amount of time to tune, plus mileage from Highland, Illinois and expenses during the tuning.

Our Service Area includes Illinois from Peoria, south to Cairo, and east to the Indiana border, and all of Missouri except for the Kansas City area. If this area does not include you, please call our offices at 1-877-654-2191 to find the service technician in your area.

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