Originally built in 1941 for Sts. Mary and Joseph Church in South St. Louis, Opus 2179 has begun its journey to serve the Archdiocese of St Louis in a different way than it had been accustomed to the last 82 years, as the chapel organ in the to be newly constructed Chapel of the Risen Christ at Resurrection Cemetery in St. Louis, MO.

Following the merger of Sts. Mary and Josephs congregation with that of St Stephen Protomartyr, their former church home found new use as a wedding chapel. The onset of COVID prevented its use as a wedding chapel, and unable to support itself, the property was offered for sale.

The Archdiocese chose to retain the organ, rebuild and install it in the new chapel. Following sale of the Sts. Mary and Joseph property, we completed removal of Opus 2179 in April of 2023 and placed it in storage at our facility awaiting its turn in our que of projects when construction begins on the Chapel of the Risen Christ.

Designed as a small 7 rank unit organ (general service instrument), its sound is quite fine, which prompted its being chosen for this project. Bright, stout and delicate in its voicing, this instrument should perform in its new home with dignity and reverence in musically comforting families during the funeral liturgy in the new chapel.

  • 8′ Open Diapason – 73 Pipes – 43 Scale (Constructed to Willis specifications)
  • 16′ Melodia  – 85 Pipes (1-12 Pedal 16′ Bourdon)
  • 8′ Dulciana – 61 Pipes
  • 16′ Stopped Flute – 97 Pipes (1-12 Pedal 16′ Leiblich)
  • 8′ Salicional – 85 Pipes
  • 8′ Voix Celeste – 61 Pipes (T.C)
  • 8′ Cornopean – 73 Pipes


This Page will be updated periodically as this project moves forward within the coming year.