In April of 2023,  fire devastated the choir loft of Holy Cross Church in Wendelin, IL. In the process, fire completely consumed the console of Opus 3667  and water from the fight to extinguish it ravaged the chamber and pipework rendering the instrument a total loss.  Its 5 ranks had faithfully served and accompanied generations of congregants since being installed in 1956.

After evaluating the viability of the remains of Opus 3667 and subsequently meeting with choir and church members, it was determined this instrument had sustained too much damage and replacement was the only responsible option.  While a quote was given to replicate the little 5 rank work horse, it became apparent we had a perfect opportunity to provide a larger instrument, at a fraction of the price  of even a replicated 5 rank unit organ.

Opus 6389, a 2/13 American-Classic, had called John Calvin Presbyterian in Tulsa, OK home since being built and installed in 2001. When the congregation disbanded, we purchased the instrument and have had in in storage at our facility since 2021.  A short pilgrimage by church members was made to see, hear and play a similar 2/12 American-Classic instrument south of Wendelin and proved to inspire them to take the leap and purchase #6389.

As built (free standing self contained case), Opus 6389 is a bit too voluptuous to occupy the space available and  allow the choir to assemble at the same time. The instrument will be dissected, removing the Swell enclosure from the main case, and cutting the main case down to hug the back wall of the loft. The reconstructed Swell Enclosure will be placed adjacent to the main casework and tucked back slightly in an alcove next to the bell tower where a staircase once was.  This will allow the choir to maintain the same performance space as before, and afford them a larger more exciting instrument.  The console control system will be updated to allow for Multiple memory levels, record/ playback, transposer and MIDI.