Wicks Opus 2575 is 2 manual 14 rank instrument constructed in 1944 containing several ranks from an existing instrument (possibly a Pfeffer) for the sisters at the St. Joseph Convent of Mercy in Webster Groves, Missouri.

In 1970, the convent was acquired by what is now Lutheran Senior Services, and dedicated as Laclede Groves, a senior assisted living community.

Through the generosity of an anonymous donor the organ has received some much-needed TLC and a few changes to its already unified specification to make it a bit more versatile.

•Rebuild existing console. Replace gothic panels and moldings which have cracked and split.
•Refinish console case
•New manual keyboards, with expanded combination action pistons.
•New tablet board, with new actions and engraved tabs for expanded stop list.
•New actions in 16’ Pedal offset chests.
•Releather wood pipe stoppers and repack capped metals.
•New Syndyne Relay System.
•Rewire all chests, lubricate all Wicks DIRECT-ELECTRIC magnets.
•Replace 8’ Oboe horn with 8’ Trumpet.

•Add treble extension for 2’ Super Octave, and 2′ Piccolo.
•New Console and chamber rectifiers.

Project Completed April 2023