Completed Project

Opus 3011, originally built for a church in Degraff, OH in 1950; has called Zion United Church of Christ in New Baden, IL “home” since its installation in their new worship center since 2015. Pastor Marguerite “Gretchen” Sterrett traveled to Akron, OH to consider the instrument for inclusion in Zions new sanctuary.  She gained somewhat legendary status in our small circle after she arrived to view the organ, played a few bars and exclaimed “We’ll Take it”, and flew out the door in less than 10 minutes on her way to her next stop.

At the time of installation, funds did not allow for a façade to front the organ case, therefore the swell shades and external frames were veneered and stained to match the enclosure built by us to house the instrument.

Completed Project

Opus 3011 case as installed in 2015

We were recently asked to design and build a facade for the organ to complete the sanctuary. When Zion was constructed, many “reclaimed” items were used that once graced other church buildings. Pews, windows, the organ etc had all been previously loved by other congregations. The new facade continues that tradition.

Following a disastrous fire in 2016, Zion Evangelical United Church of Christ in Hoyleton, Illinois

donated the pipework from their instrument to Zion in New Baden. The 1928 Hinners pipework was gone through and arranged to create the most pleasing visual presentation, and new casework designed around it.  Any necessary repairs and alterations to the pipes were made before they visited our spray booth and were ensconced in Rich Pale Gold lacquer.

Completed Project

Opus 3011, Zion UCC, New Baden, IL

The entire facade was erected in our shop before being dismantled and delivered 15 miles south to Zions door step.    Although Pastor Sterrett is not physically here to see it (she sadly passed away in 2017), we’re confident she would approve!

Installation in 2020.