Following our Phase I project, to get the instrument playable again after some unfortunate past repair work, the decision was made to address the console. The console itself, was experiencing playability issues, just due to its age and continued use. After much consideration and consideration of options, the church decided they wanted to liberate the console from the hidden corner it had occupied for 75 years as Phase II, and make the console movable without need of wind to the original mechanism and at the same time address its playability issues.

The console was dismantled and removed and transported to our shop where work began. It was taken down to its basic elements, case refinished, keyboards refurbished, pedalboard rebuilt, and side jams modified for new actions. All original hardware was retained, as well as the original Ebony stems and Ivory draw knob faces, Engraved Ivory tags and Ivory coupler tilt tab faces remounted onto a new action set into a new back rail, in order to eliminate unsightly holes from past alterations . The original ivory pistons were refurbished, key contacts replaced and all hardware cleaned. New LED console lighting was installed for Pedal, Couplers and Music Rack. Additionally, the relay system was updated, and all chests and actions rewired.

Upon its return, the console was placed on its new movable platform to begin its new life out in the limelight. A potential Phase III would see the wind chests and other actions releathered.