4671 Fagot Revoiced.

Beginning its journey in Louisiana in 1967, Opus 4671 was whisked off a private residence in Florida before finding its way up north to Christ The King in Sturgeon Bay, WI.

At some point in its travels, a Krummhorn supplanted the original Fagot, which was packed away onsite. Thoughts changed, and it was decided to reunite the Fagot with its toe board so that it could play once more.  Upon its return to our shop, it was realized that it had not had an easy life. the resonators were repaired and painted silver to hide several decades of misfortune.  Ultimately, it was decided to replace all the tongues in addition to refacing the shallots as they were in such bad shape. The opportunity was taken at this time to change its character entirely, and imbue it with more of a Trumpet tonality.

Successful in our endeavor, the pipework was reunited with its chest, and there was much rejoicing.