Wicks “Classic 6” – Opus 5316

Price: Contact for details

Built in 1973 for the private music studio of Sarah Scott, a composer and instructor of music and math at Central Alabama Community College, this Classic 6 has found its way back home to Highland in search of new musical adventures.

The instrument is almost entirely self-contained, with the exception of the relay cabinet which sits directly behind the organ, and is moveable to provide access to the rear removable panel which grants access to the blower, regulator, and underside of main chest for maintenance.

As this was built as a studio instrument intended for a small intimate space, the voicing is thus appropriate for a home studio or small chapel.

The instrument will require a space roughly measuring:
9’ Deep
8’9” Wide
10’ Tall

All pipework was washed and cleaned upon its arrival at our shop and minor repairs made prior to reassembly.

For more information on this instrument, please reach out to us. Or if you’re in or near Highland, IL, give us a call and stop in to take it for a spin.